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Animals For Sale

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You can buy animals for sale from farms or breeders. There are a lot of sources where you can obtain a pet from. You can purchase a guinea pig either from a private breeder or from a pet shop. Adoption a cavy from a rescue organization is another good way to become a happy owner of a guinea pig. Before buying a pet try to find any possible information concerning breeding, feeding habits, and housing of your future pet. Guinea pigs are vocal animals, that use a great variety of sounds for communication. They are not long-livers; their life-span is 4-6 years. Donít forget that your pet is not a toy, but an alive creature that needs your love and attention. You can buy animals for sale from farms or breeders.

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Guinea Pig

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Animals For Sale


farms, breeders

In their natural habitat, guinea pigs live in open, grassy areas and use naturally protected areas or burrows deserted by other animals as shelters. They are mainly plant-eaters and move together in small groups eating grass or whatever other plants they come across. There is a strict ranking in the group; a single dominant male is the head of a harem of females and their youth. Nowadays guinea pigs are very popular pets. They have docile temperament; they do not bite or scratch when handled. These funny creatures are very clean. They typically live 3-6 years in captivity. You can buy animals for sale from farms or breeders.

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