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Animal Breeder

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An animal breeder may have pictures of a rodent. One of the main advantages of buying a Guinea pig from a professional producer is that breeding has usually been carefully planned and thought through with regard to producing robust, healthy guinea pigs of good temperament and without physical deflections. Buying from a private, hobbyist or show Guinea pig producer you will have an opportunity to see the parents and be given the exact date of birth of the guinea pig you are intended in. Another good way of purchasing a Guinea pig is to purchase it from a rescue organization. And, of course, the most popular place to buy a Guinea pig is a pet shop. An animal breeder may have pictures of a rodent.

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Guinea Pig

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Animal Breeder


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Proper diet is likely to prevent many health conditions by providing the pet with necessary nutrients. It is recommended to supply your pet with food that contains fair amounts of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium and avoid feeding the pet table scrapes. Guinea pigs are widely spread throughout Central and South America, across many habitats. They were raised by the Incas before the arrival of the conquistadors. Nowadays they are widely spread as pets all over the world. An animal breeder may have pictures of a rodent.

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