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Guinea Pig Pic

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A guinea pig pic from a breeder may show off babies. In the wild these animals live in open, grassy areas. They seek shelter in naturally protected areas or abandoned burrows. They are strictly herbivorous and usually forage for grasses, roots, fruits and seeds in the late afternoon and early evening. While in the wild they hunt at night, in captivity they are active during the day time. These rodents have good vision. Nowadays these cute little rodents are widely used as pets all over the world. Healthy and properly carried cavy can live for 6-9 years in captivity. There exist many various kinds of these animals, but it is recommended to acquire a short haired variety, which is easy to look after and just as pretty as their long haired cousins. A guinea pig pic from a breeder may show off babies.

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Guinea Pig

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Guinea Pig Pic


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Females should be first bred between 3 and 7 months of age while males should be 3-4 months old at their first breeding. After a gestation period of about 63 days, 3 to 6 young are born. In the wild these creatures live in groups, that is why it will be better to keep a pair of them in captivity. In their natural habitat, these rodents survive through the use of effective herd communication and very rapid reproduction, but are able to establish the safest routes and learn them perfectly. A guinea pig pic from a breeder may show off babies.

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